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Posted 11 November 2022 - 09:23 AM


L2 Resurrected x3 is a project of nostalgic Lineage 2 Classic. The server is based on the official Lineage 2 Classic platform and has been prepared to go live by fixing all the known issues even before open beta. Future issues will be fixed to ensure the most comfortable gameplay for our community. The goal of this project is to provide players a stable opportunity to start their L2 Classic journey without pay-to-win, botting, cheating or real money trading. With premium account you are allowed to log one extra box per IP and will have + 10 % XP/SP bonus. The server is prepared to be multiple year project to be safe for players to dedicate their time and effort in game. L2 Resurrected x3 starts from 1.5 and will follow updates 2.0 > 2.5 > 2.7. Updates will come with custom changes to please the players and make the server unique.
XP: x3
SP: x3
ADENA: x3 (amount)
DROP: x1 (chance)
SPOIL: x1 (chance) x1 (amount)
QUEST: x3 (xp/adena)
Raid Bosses: x1 (xp/chance)
  1. Debuffs visible on target window
  2. Improved follow function
  3. Improved mobs respawn time and balanced farm areas
  4. Offline shop with automatic reload after restart (.offline)
  5. Buff store -feature to sell buffs in town churches (.buffstore)
  6. List of drop and spoil is visible in game by Shift + Left click on mob
  7. Custom Core/AQ/Orfen (will adjust stats/drops/level by server progress)
  8. Maximum of 2 window per IP (1 person can log only 2 chars max with premium acc, people who live together in same ip have to make ticket for whitelist)
  9. Increased drop rate for epics (66% chance for epic drop)
  10. Auto Pick-up Adena
Normal RB: 12 h + 12 h (TBD)
Core: 52 h + 4 h (TBD)
Orfen: 52 h + 4 h (TBD)
Queen Ant: 26 h + 4 h (TBD)
First castle sieges will be at 15th of January (6 weeks after server start)
Castle sieges will take place every second Sunday from 19:00 GMT+2 till 21:00 GMT+2.
We would like to inform you that the Clan Halls are made to be auctioned monthly. First auction period ends at 07.01.2023 19:00 CET. When auction period ends, the highest bidder will claim the Clan Hall. Next auction period is always 28 days after previous auction period ends (Next auction period is 7.1.-4.2 19:00 CET and so on). Every CH goes to auction regardless of if it has owner or not
Trade zones can be found in any towns and Monster Derby Track. You can port to MDT from Gatekeeper.
This server is provided as free to play. The administration makes every effort to ensure enjoyable gameplay for you and we would like to provide you additional services. For the services below it is necessary to have needed number of Coins on your account. You can purchase them in Master Account. You can purchase the services from Alt + B in game.
- Nickname change: 5 Coins
- Sex change: 5 Coins
- Character look change (face, hair colour, hairstyle):  5 Coins
- Character deletion (instant) * : 5 Coins
- Character’s transfer to another account * : 10 Coins
- Colored title: 10 Coins
- Clan name change (can be requested only by the clan leader): 10 Coins
- Quick clan leader change (can be requested only by the current clan leader): 10 Coins
- First class transfer quest: 3 coins
- Second class transfer quest: 10 coins
* Request needs to be made via Ticket System in your account management.
- 1 Day Premium Account - 1 Coin
- 3 Days Premium Account - 2 Coins
- 7 Days Premium Account - 3 Coins
- 30 Days Premium Account - 10 Coins
Premium account gives you 10% Bonus XP/SP and the ability to launch one additional L2 window.

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